Sick LED Grow Lights Since 2014

We were the first company in the world to sell a Blonde colored LED Grow light that was affordable and more efficent and more powerful than 1000 watt HPS

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We were stoked when HighTimes selected our light as their HOT NEW PRODUCT.

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We ship all over Canada for free. We are based near Kelowna BC in the Okanagan Valley.

Reduce Heat & Use Less Electricity

We use the best LED diodes and the best power supplies to ensure your tent or grow room will not overheat.

We have been tuning our spectrum to produce huge buds, that are dense and covered in resin since 2014. We have added 660nm red & 730nm Far Red to help with flowering and a base CCT that is awesome for everything from veg to flowering.

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We offer 1 on 1 grow consulting help. Are you struggling with yellow leaves? Weak plants? Bugs? Ph Problems? We Can Help! We have 20+ years experience growing. We've seen it all! Never have a yellow leaf again! Phone, Email or Text support is available for your whole run. Click the button below for more info.

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We've put all of our growing techniques, tips and tricks into a 36 page Digital Ebook PDF, complete step by step how we grow. If you want to grow bigger frostier buds that don't go yellow and with out bugs, this Ebook is for you.

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  • BCB 730 Pray Star LED

    2.88 PPF / Watt

    2075 Total PPF

    730 Watts

    2489 BTU

  • 1000 Watt DE HPS

    1.7 PPF / Watt

    1600 Total PPF

    1060 Watts

    3616 BTU

All Plants Shown on this Website were grown with a BC Blondes LED Grow Light.

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  • Download Our Runoff Log Chart

    We grow with coco and salt fertilizer and it is very important to check your run off. Monitoring and logging your runoff will keep your plants happy and give you a window into whats going on in your medium. Download it from our FB Group Runoff Log PDF