About BC Blondes LED Grow Lights

My parents and I

We first looked into LEDS back in 2014. I needed a more efficient grow light with a better spectrum, dimming, more par/light and less heat and electricity. The first lights we made were Cree Cob CXA 3070 powered lights. They were really powerful, I had a 16 cob version running about 860 Watts. This thing was a Behemoth. It was only about 1.6 ppf/watt but compared to a single end hps at 1.2, it was pretty decent! I sold these on EBAY and everyone loved them, they were pricey though.

Very quickly better cobs became available, I started using the new cxb3590's from cree in 3500K spectrum. These were about 1.7-1.8 ppf/watt, and I put them into the 16 cob housing and put bigger drivers in it, ended up with a 950 watt and a 1100 watt unit. These were next level. I ended up pulling 3.05 lbs off a 5x5 with the 950 watt version. These were really nice units, I sold a ton of them. People loved them.

As the industry progressed better leds came to market and in 2017  we switched to the Samsung 561c's and then the famous 301b's and 301h's and started building the Game Changer line up of lights. These started off with no reds, just the white samsung diodes, and we hit 2.52 ppf/watt, we were stoked! We had the most efficient light in the world and were proud of our lineup.

Over the years we refined this housing and the main LED board and the driver. We added red 660nm and learned more and more about what it took to make a top of the line light.  We ended up making the Game Changers output 2.85 ppf/watt by using the best high bin diodes available. 

Now on to our new line up of lights, the Pray Star Line up. We have hit 2.9ppf per watt with 660nm and 730nm reds. The Pray Star's are our best light yet, better spectrum, better coverage, better total output and better efficiency. We intend to try to hit 3.5-4.0lbs+ per light with the Pray Star 730 on a 5x5. We will be documenting our grows on Instagram and on our FB group (fb.com/groups/bcbgrowyour4) please follow along as we continue to learn and set new records for ourselves and the industry.



Here is some pictures of Myself and my dog and some of the stuff we like to do: 

my dog