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Learn How To Keep Your Plants Green with out Deficiencies

We will teach you a method to feeding that almost guarantees that your plants won't go yellow.  We cover our feeding method in depth for all stages of the growth cycle and we explain why we do certain unconventional techniques.

Learn Why You Should PH at 7.2+ Sometimes

We are always experimenting and taking notes on the growth of our plants. We recently discovered that when doing this common grower job, we were PH'ing ALL WRONG! We go over this in the Ebook and provide the solution.

Did You Know There is a Special Time To Do Your IPM?

IPM is important, we like to take a preventative approach and do it regularly through veg. In the Ebook we show you what our IPM strategy is in detail and give you the exact schedule that we use in order to have problem free runs.

Curious About What Size Pot To Use?

We go into detail about what size pots we use with what size tents and explain why. You can influence the shape of your plant with pot size so choosing a size that will work for you and your tent is important.

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Our Ebook and our Facebook group go hand in hand. We can help you with your grow questions or if you have a question about our method we can get it solved for you. Join our group and download our Ebook from the files section.

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